Bay View Alliance

The Bay View Alliance (BVA) is a consortium of research universities carrying out applied research on the leadership of cultural change for increasing the adoption of improved teaching methods at universities. The BVA aims to identify and evaluate more effective ways for those of influence at all levels of a university to inspire and enable enhancements of teaching and learning, through adjustments to common educational methods and procedures. The BVA is an improvement community in which members privately share observations on leadership of culture, especially within departments, and hypothesize improvements in leadership methods which are tested, with individual results shared internally and later amalgamated for dissemination. The BVA will operate primarily by organizing networked improvement community meetings, which are deliberative spaces for private, themed discussion involving people from all levels within participant universities who openly share, compare and analyze their observations about aspects of academic culture, especially in departments, that favor adoption of enhanced teaching methods and who then develop hypotheses for trial interventions as well as optimal sites for carrying them out, with the results to be privately shared among the members, leading to collective conclusions for broad dissemination through publication and via partnering organizations. The BVA will encourage its members to partner broadly in such investigations and will provide its endorsement for the associated research grant applications. Currently, the BVA has seven member universities (University of British Columbia, Indiana University Bloomington, University of Kansas, University of Saskatchewan, Queens University, University of California at Davis, and University of Texas at Austin) and over time they may add a few more. The number is small in order to support its key methodology, which is adapted from recent studies of successful cooperative improvement in organizations.